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Hello world to the Serious FUN Store

Let’s start the ART of Shopping for Game Changer

Serious FUN Store – Let’s play for Social Europe

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Games for Game Changer

Play out your dreams with the Serious FUN interactive Games for Social Change. Nearly all you need in one box to change the world around you in a play and meaningful way. Start the ART of PLAY like a Game Changer.

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Workshops for Serious FUN Gamer

Do you have a big heart for Games and you want to learn how to create your own Game of Life version? Join one of the Serious FUN Workshops for real life Game Changer and start the ART of PLAYing out your dreams.

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Serious FUN re:search travel

The next Serious FUN re:search trip goes to Turkey. Join the journey and become a Serious FUN social impact travel companion. Pre-order one of the limited Serious FUN travel passes. Come with us to the trip, when travelling is again more FUN, than serious after COVID-19 lockdown.

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