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Serious FUN – Let’s play for Social Europe

Serious FUN Initiative

We believe in the RIGHT to PLAY and the POWER of PLAY. Through play- & meaningful interaction-games we empower ourselves as collective impact actors of the European Civil Society. Together we can play out our cards to make Social Europe pARTly a better playground for all.

Serious FUN with Banksy

Social Europe need our ideas and even more our Social Interaction for the Common Good

Join the Serious FUN collective brain:)storming and let’s share our dreams for a better Social Europe. What do you think should be improved to make Europe more social? Let’s play with open and meaningful projects to empower the beauty of our civil societies. Tell us your European love-story or leave us a short note about one of your favourite European memory.

Let’s play fair to make our cities a power for Social Cohesion in our world

Join the journey to make Europe a better playground for all and become a Serious FUN travel companion. Let’s re:discover our home towns and re:search for the beauty of Europe at home. Tell us what connects your home town with Europe or leave us a short note what you would recommend putting on the Social Europe menu.

Serious FUN Mission

Let’s play out our Social Dreams to make Europe and the world partly a Serious FUN playground for all.

Serious FUN Teams

Join the Serious FUN Dream Team & become a Social Game Changer. Let’s play fair for Social Europe!

17 SDGs real GAME of LIFE hacks - Let's go social all over Europe! We support the Sustainable Development Goals through the POWER of PLAY.

Join the Serious FUN Game Changer Team and become a SDGs Goalkeeper and maybe one day in the future a SDGs Goal Getter

Let’s play out our dreams for a better Social Europe in a world, where nobody will be left behind. What’s your favourite number between 1 and 17 or do you have already a Sustainable Development Goal you like the most? Let’s play together for the SDGs, come and join the Serious FUN Team of Game Changer. Tell us your SDGs match plan and re:port what skills you would like to contribute to the team.

Speak the truth even if your voice shakes

Daphne Anne Caruana Galizia

There’s nothing more dangerous than someone who wants to make the world a better place.

Let’s play social for Europe … the way we love it.

Join the Social Collective Impact journey to empower Social Europe through the POWER of PLAY. Serious FUN believes in the RIGHT to PLAY and in the POWER of PLAY. We want to play out our dreams for a better Social Europe.

Let’s transform our neighbourhoods into real life playgrounds to have Serious FUN

If you have a heart for dreamers and realists being part of the same initiative, then start playing with us and join one of our small changes for Europe projects. Bring you and yourself and become a wonderful puzzle part of the change you want to see in a better Social Europe.

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