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Serious FUN Dream Team

We play for Social Europe and Civil Societies around the word

Home for Game Changer and SDGs social trouble-maker

Let’s get crazy from time to time, if needed stupid enough to understand each other one more time and let’s get deep in love without borders with the Sustainable Development Goals because we just have one planet eArth.

We believe in the RIGHT to PLAY and the POWER of PLAY. If that’s something for you too, then let’s play together like Serious FUN Game Changer for a fair world.

One quest(ion) comes mostly not alone along the way around the word…

Why do you want to change the world around you?

What is your personal quest in your Game of Life?

Tell us, what you wish from yourself and from Social Europe (we know Social Europe is not a person or institution, but you are allowed to imagine what ever suits you:).

And then tell us what Global Goals do you want to support along that way? Promise to keep at least one Goal and become a #GlobalGoalKeeper in the Serious FUN Dream Team. First play out your Dreams and then let’s play together for Social Europe and a fair world. The Serious FUN Dream Team Player will leave nobody behind, and we try to play with all who are still dreaming, caring and taking actions for a better and more sustainable future for all around our dreadful and wonderful world.

Become a Serious FUN Game Changer

6 + 13 =

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“There is no ‘Plan B’

because we do not have a ‘Planet B.’ We have to work and galvanize our action.”

United Nations Foundation

Banksy What we do in life echos in Eternity is writen on a bricked wall a creaning man is starting to wash the last letters of Eternity away



Serious FUN FACTS Team – re:search for the Game of Life

Let’s re:search for tracks & traces from laughing and weeping in Europe

“Be a global citizen.

Act with passion and compassion.

Help us make this world safer and more sustainable today and for the generations that will follow us.

That is our moral responsibility.”

United Nations Foundation

Banksy 017 sfdr

Home for Game Changer and social trouble-maker

Do you also know that some people and their desires in life are not as visible as others?

The Serious FUN FACTS re:search teams go on a search for clues on the not so well-trodden paths of life in Europe and all around the world. Some detours are worth taking a closer look at, as they can actually be a shortcut to better mutual understanding for our global social communities. If you want to become a Social Detective, join us on re:search journeys queer through Europe and around the wonderful and terrible world on our planet eArth.

Let’s play out our Dreams with more Serious FUN FACTS and let’s keep on dreaming from Social Europe and a fair world all around us.

Become a Serious FUN FACTS re:seach Fellow

13 + 4 =



Dream Team the Social::Player Support KITs for Game Changer

Get free access to the “nearly all you need” or “partly never wished to have” just-all-in-one box for your own Game of Life with Serious FUN

Become a Serious FUN Game Changer and you can choose to get one of our special Dream Team KITs for free to have Serious FUN playing for Social Europe and a fair world. The Kits include different creative materials, tools and life-hacks for your Game of Life with Serious FUN according to your interests and the projects you like to support.


Join the journey for Game Changer. We are looking forward to play with you and to play together for a fair world.

Do you like ships ... good that we have so many wonderful internSHIPs and partnerSHIPs for Game Changer


To all Social Europe Sailors and Fair World Pirates out there seeking for something worth fighting for.

What do you think about the Serious FUN Ships?


Let’s sail and play together on our shared Game of Life journey around the globe

Join one, two, three or just all Serious FUN Dream Teams. Let's play together... become a Game Changer and a Partner in Play for Social Europe and a Fair World.

Join the Serious FUN FACTS Team and re:search tracks and traces for the Team Social Europe…

… OR …

Join the Serious FUN:D raising Team and start walking, driving, sailing and writing around the World of Game Changer to empower Social Europe, the SDGs and a Fair World.

Remember, remember… : What ever you do… just do it with love and first for yourself and then with Serious FUN.

Now is always a good time to play out some of your Dreams, then re:spect and recognize the Dreams around your favourite humans. If you are then still up for another episode in your Game of Life just join our Network of Game Changer and join us as Partner in Play to empower Social Europe and a Fair World.

Become a Game Changer for Social EuropeBecome a Game Changer for a Fair World

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